Support for employees makes it possible to understand that it is when the situation is aggressive, new, unforeseen or threatening, that it requires an effort of adaptation, an adjustment of behavior, that one must face a demand that it is physical, psychic or emotional, that the real stress begins and that the adaptation of the organism to the stress intervenes.

According to the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, occupational stress occurs "when there is an imbalance between a person's perception of the constraints imposed by their environment and their own resources to cope with them" "Psychological stress at work is an individual's response to the demands of a situation for which he doubts whether he has the necessary resources to deal with it."

Therefore, stress is not a function of the absolute level of demands, but of the perceived gap between the demands and one's own ability to cope with them.

Employee Support

The clinical objectives are:

Work on your goals.
They must be SMART: specific, measurable, achievable, rewardable, defined over time

Access to a good representation of their real resources and skills

Recognize their positive motivations

Positive visualization: seeing victory in order to conquer it

Knowing how to congratulate yourself: celebrate your successes

Learn to calm "inner criticism" (no negativism)

Optimize travel time:
– On the way: preview your day, plan your working time, prioritize the highlights of the day
– On the way back: do a mental debriefing of the day (points + and -), pre-program for the next day, end the day with a closing ritual)

Work on the distortion of time by visualizing the different steps to be taken and by planning them using for example a diary

Each individual is unique and therefore each response is unique We are at your entire disposal for interviews or individual advice

Organization Support

Organization Support

If you feel confined to a work situation that hurts you or is under the influence of a toxic personality at work, consult by video conference to give meaning to this violence that clutters you.
Organization Support.

Team supervision by videoconferencing device is also a contribution to well-being for those involved in a system with participants who require special attention ( schools / community centres / private and public organizations ).

Do not wait to experience the destructive ordeal of a burn-out and isolation, take control of your safety at work and your professional relations through the clinical accompanying device by videoconference or email.