Anxiety: This is not an imaginary illness. The suffering is real. Where does this anxiety come from? Some people are born with greater sensitivity.

They react more strongly than average to threatening situations. Some drugs decrease the extent of anxiety symptoms. For now, let's focus on the psychological aspect of anxiety.

Certain beliefs make us more vulnerable to the effects of anxiety. Some are more vulnerable to symptoms of anxiety because they have an excessive need for approval.

Anxiety is associated with a particular point of view that causes us to overestimate danger and underestimate our abilities. We imagine ourselves on the verge of being fired every day. Anxious people thus burn a lot of energy imagining all kinds of catastrophic things to themselves, reacting as if they were already happening.

What to do? You can fight anxiety by questioning the point of view associated with it.
Here are a few tips.

Observe your internal thoughts and images.

Think of your scary thoughts as guesswork.

Cast doubt on your worries by adopting a more realistic point of view.

Get in touch with your internal and external resources.

Make realistic and positive assumptions including the possibility of success.

Look with his eyes and listen with his ears rather than your memories or your imagination.

Face what you fear in small steps.

Concentrate on the task you are doing. Avoid wondering about the impossible.

In the general population, all anxiety disorders have a prevalence of about 15% over about 12 months (and up to 20 to 30% if we consider the whole life).

They are among the most frequent mental disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder affects 2-6% of adults (slightly more women than men).



As we all know, stress is harmful! Stress management.
The speed of our daily lives can sometimes make individuals, children or adults more vulnerable than others to finding optimal functioning in their schedules.

Stress can be positive and necessary in certain circumstances, it may even be desirable!

However, in certain situations and contexts, our stress paralyzes us and prevents us from deploying our full potential, weakening our sense of self-determination over our lives and weakening our inner confidence.

Gestion du Stress
Gestion du Stress

You or your loved ones could experience stress behavior in front of school exams, be paralyzed by a situation at work, experience difficulties in managing their fears and anguish in general or specific, etc.

You might feel that your thoughts are all over the place preventing you from concentrating or choosing where to focus.

You may also experience unpleasant physical sensations without even putting words on them.

Concretely, our stress management support services could help you or someone close to you regain confidence in your abilities.

This could allow you to regain stability and an overall functionality in all your environments.

You will have concrete means, tools and strategies adapted to YOUR needs to find or recover lightness on a daily basis or in the situation(s) you are concerned with.

So, whether for you or someone close to you, our stress management support services will help you to see more clearly and know what to do to change the situation.

Gestion du Stress