Our Expertise In Crisis Situations


The varying influence of the “tree of life”of individuals who unconsciously control the greater or lesser freedom they may or may not have to distance themselves from their parents' own childhood conflicts and experiences are active at the heart of the CRISES.Crises Management.

However, it remains to be understood why some individuals are more or less receptive to it.

For this, it is necessary to take into account the qualitative nature of the difficulties, some of which would be more «binding» or «annexing» than others.

Gestion de crises

Through the therapeutic space, moderate emotional reactions. allows to maintain contact, to favour a "normal" communication. Stay calm at all costs, instead of yielding to the temptation to respond by screaming louder.

Beyond the crisis, it must be understood that the solution to this problem lies in a daily dialogue. If you live together, you should be able to speak to each other in a proper manner every day, listening to each other, without interrupting.

Valuing your surroundings regularly, showing positive attention also helps to decrease tensions.

Finally, find the right boundary by the therapeutic support for you, a substitute with which the person can unload his tensions and symbolize them sustainably in the online clinical space.

Gestion de crises