Emotional Management and Social Skills


For many, emotional management and the norms concerning acceptable social behaviour is like riding a bike, first you need to learn and be accompanied before it is well mastered!

Do you or someone close to you feels that sometimes you lack words to acknowledge and express your needs and emotions?

Do you feel that you are always irritated or walking on egg shells when trying to talk to your loved one?

Do you or your loved one know the fundamental emotions and how to recognize them?

Either you or your loved one able to discern the emotions and know what to do when they arise?

Emotional Management
Emotional Management

Anger is one of the most intense emotions we know.

Sometimes we hear: short fuse, losing control, quick temper, angry or irritable. In order to control his anger and frustration and thus increase his ability to control himself, one must learn to recognize among other things: the different signs of those feelings and how to identify situations leading to an emotional overflow.

It goes without saying that we sometimes have to rely on external assistance when we do not achieve the expected results.

Social challenges can arise at any age and different stages of importance. In presence of social skills challenges, it may be necessary to seek the help of a professional to obtain tips, tricks, and tools.

Difficulties can be : making friends and keeping them, respecting social rules, demonstrating empathy, respecting others’ privacy, conflict resolution, expressing emotions, managing family and love difficulties, when and how to cease, etc.