General Conditions of Sales

Any contact with a professional implies the prior reading of these general conditions.
The user acknowledges being fully informed of the general sales conditions at the time of his consultation booking.


Corresponds to the completion of an oral or written appointment of a professional nature with an individual which freely chooses the professional, on the day of the appointment, the time of the appointment and who must pay online and in advance the price of the consultation to access this service.

The oral consultation will last approximately 40-50 minutes.

The written consultation will require a half-page response (only by email) from the selected professional.


Any natural person (over 18 years of age or justifying parental agreement if minor) or legal person using the proposed consultations at


The professional makes a commitment to contact the user at the dates and hours agreed upon, once the consultation payment is validated

The user and the professional make a commitment to be available on the date and time of the appointment.

In case of a delay on the fixed schedule because of the user, the professional will try to contact the user up to 15 minutes after the initial appointment.

The interview will occur but without making up any lost time.

Beyond 15 minutes of delay, the appointment will be considered as annulled without refund.

If the professional wasn’t able to contact the user at the fixed hour, the user will be offered a new window to carry out his seance.

In the event that an appointment cannot be scheduled at the selected time, the user must advise of the cancellation minimum 48 hours in advance in order to obtain a new appointment.

In the event of a delay inferior to 48 hours or in the absence of a warning message, the missed appointment is considered to be due and no reimbursement or exchange may be required.

The online consultation meets all the requirements of any traditional consultation and respects the confidentiality of all discussion as well as the professional code of ethics.


To be consulted, the user must have internet access for appointment scheduling and be reachable according to the type of consultation (videoconferencing or email) chosen in order to be contacted by the professional at the agreed dates and hours.

The user must ensure that the credentials and email addresses provided are accurate and accessible at the time of the appointment.

In the event of an error in the information provided, no refund or credit may be required by the user.


The professional agrees to reply to the user’s email within 24 hours, upon receipt of the user. The answer will be contained in half a page.

The written consultation (email) responds to the uses of any traditional consultation and respects the confidentiality of the discussions’ as well as the professional code of ethics


The consultation fee is set by the chosen professional.

Payment of the consultation in accordance with the terms and conditions, by PayPal. Any seance will only be considered once payment is received.


If this cancellation is performed more than 48 hours in advance, the session is exchangeable to another time slot, within 30 days of the cancellation.

Passed the delay of 48 hours, the session is fully due.


The information you provide to us is essential for processing the reservation of your consultation, if missing leads to the failure of the booking.

By booking on the site, you agree to provide us with sincere and accurate information about you.


The professional agrees to abide by the code of ethics of his profession, including the confidentiality of data collected in written and orally.

Reciprocally, the user undertakes not to record the consultations and to isolate himself from any third party who may hear or listen to the consultation.

If these elements are intercepted by third parties, despite the secure system, the responsibility of the professional cannot be incurred.