Coaching or support is personalized support seeking to improve the skills and performance of an individual, a group or an organization, through the improvement of knowledge, the optimization of processes and organizational methods. and control.

Coaching is the business of supporting the dialogue between the client and his coach. It allows the client, through the construction of these exchanges, to find his solution, that is to say, the one most suited to his abilities, beliefs, issues or his situation. The notion of "coaching" lacking legal outlines, it can be claimed by individuals without real competence.

For a long time "personal development" was defined as a tool of manipulation, mentalities tend to evolve, the practice of personal coaching has taken a leap forward and many books now praise it.

Unlike therapy, coaching does not respond to psychological suffering but to the need to understand, to apprehend a new situation and to restore a balance. The coach, a clever mix of coach and mentor, will therefore not be interested in our past history but will help us better analyze the present in order to prepare for the future and put all the assets on our side.

Coaching is often offered by the company to one of its employees to help them take on new responsibilities. But it is also possible to undertake a process of this type on a personal basis.

During the first meeting, coach and patient will set goals: develop better relationships with those around them, take on a new responsibility. Then the coach identifies the phase of change that his client is going through at this point in his life. Even if any transformation begins with the development of a project, the person can go through a phase of withdrawal where they need to consolidate their skills and self-confidence.



At the heart of the organisms, the clinical notion of containing function allows for the analysis of institutional practices and the suffering of individuals, in order to discern what is happening in the world of work. Professional coaching for Group or Individual. It is a tool for understanding inter-professional situations.

You evolve in more or less structuring settings, and your involvement goes through the work function which can lead to relational and personal difficulties.


Containing Function Is Defined By The Concepts Of :

Ability to allow, under certain circumstances, anxieties, tensions, excitement, and “absorb” them, to reduce them by not responding
through their own affects.

The ability to promote in others the connection, the structuring and unification of their impulsive emotional movements and their psychic representations.


In addition, within the WORKSPACE, feminine polarity brings aspects of suppleness and responsiveness, while male polarity brings qualities of consistency and solidity. Integrating complementarities is an asset to the well being at work.

Therefore, in order to perform a containing function at work, there is still a need for a framework that fosters it:

to think well the ground of the institutions,maintain team cohesion,find time to speak and develop experiences.

This is essential in a system for the prevention of psychosocial risks at work.