General Director of PSYNET INC
Member of the fédération française des psychologues et de psychologie
Member of the association des psychologues du Québec
Member of the Collège des Psychologues de Polynésie Française
Member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ)


Ms. Alexandra Pouget graduated in 2000 from the University of Bordeaux 2 in psychopathology and was able to do her first internship in Quebec with a scholarship merit, which then allowed her to consider an expatriation to Montreal.

With her clinical training and her passion for individuals and families, Ms. Pouget opened her practice under supervision for five years, developing a rich and diverse practice;

As a practitioner, she discovered this willingness to understand and allow a direction. As a natural ability to turn to those who question and seek a solution that leads to stability. Thus, she began her studies in medicine, health care, before realizing that her place was in Psychology, a place to listen.

A doctorate allowed Ms. Pouget to deepen the Psychotherapy of children and families, in a deep desire to propagate the word around symptoms more or less encysted in family and transgenerational experience.

And it is quite natural that Ms. Pouget became interested in the infant’s and perinatal clinic, a step to parenting where traumatism and questioning can recur.

In the course of her professional experience in intervention, whether in a hospital center, in a CLSC or in child protection services, Ms. Pouget shifted to psycho-legal expertise in 2006 in a psychodynamic approach to the analysis of the family system aimed at preventive solutions to conflict development.

Ms. Pouget is appreciated for her clinical consistency, her investment in her profession and her therapeutic perception at serving her patients. You have understood, this work in the human heart passionates her and feels good about it.

Family counseling helps to find solutions by involving each of its members in this creation. The discourse that defines the positions, roles and functions of each.

A parent-infant therapeutic aid through the support of the therapist can confer the right to parents to be parents and to take care of the child.

Psycholegal expertise in court avoids escalating conflicts in cooperation with the law and to protect the children.

Alexandra Pouget, Psychologist



Ms. Mabel Paul is a bilingual humanist psychotherapist (English, French) with a Masters in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, a Masters in English Literature and a Bachelors in Psychology.

She sees adults, adolescents, children and couples mainly on topics of personal development, anxiety, depression, loss, stress, life transitions, codependency and acculturation.

She practices in her private practice in Paris and online.

She continues to improve with the Therapy Harley Street center in London and the humanist NLP school in Paris.

She bases her work on an Existential Humanist orientation. This means that she is interested in the experiences of her clients, their search for authenticity and well-being.

Rather than the simple pursuit of happiness, I believe that the meaning of life is to feel alive, as much as possible, and to experience the pleasure of living.

Mabel Paul