Clinical support for children promotes the consideration of children and young people through therapy at the heart of their family environment and as close as possible to the stages of their development. It is about valuing the place of parents and providing answers to the basic needs inherent in the development of each child.

The therapist endeavors to fight against the psychological risks that can affect children from disturbed backgrounds from an early age. , by providing families with support adapted on a case-by-case basis.

This support enables them to strengthen their capacities to act together and their autonomy so that they can face life events as a secure and living societal group.

Support for Children

The therapist wishing to accompany children until their entry into adulthood as close as possible to their request for help also addresses the needs of young adults (18-25 years old) who have no family support. They may be young people leaving social assistance for children or legal protection, young wanderers, young people at a complete break with their families. Support can be provided to prevent the spread of trauma.

The therapeutic objectives are :

To avoid disruption of the course, to enable families and young people experiencing cumulative difficulties to escape from insecurity, to assume their basic responsibilities, to develop innovative actions adapted on a case-by-case basis.

The clinician engages in genuine communication and offers an exchange appropriate to the child's age, and it is the child who takes or does not take up this offer of exchange.

The psychologist must manifest himself through his speech and in the action of playing with the child in order to promote associative flow, the collection of clinical information for the understanding of the child's problem.

Family Support

Family Support

Therapeutic support is possible for families by PSY-NET: a search of its own solution by involving each members of the group to this realization

This by the discourse that defines the positions, roles and functions of each. Concrete support to the family by email or videoconference.

A parent-infant therapeutic aid is also available to you: the support of a therapist can give parents the right to be parents and to take care of the child in a positive manner.

By email or videoconference, according to your request, place the needs of your family at the center of your life to find stability in your daily routine.