Therapeutic support helps reduce the impact of symptoms, strengthen self-confidence and restore more effective defense mechanisms.

Everyone seeks to heal the wounds of the past without achieving it alone, the therapeutic space will help to grasp the effects of psychological suffering and to avoid the compulsion to repeat.

At the heart of the therapeutic space, the reassuring helping relationship supports the expression of all thoughts, emotions, experiences. The therapist helps the patient to symbolize his reactions, at his own pace and without activating more resistance.

It is a unique and precious moment, which brings a new vision of life and its challenges, a bonus to existence.

The empathy of the therapist, felt by the patient from the start of the process, allows the patient's expectations to be assuaged and a climate of trust in complete confidentiality to be established.

Therapeutic Support

The regular rhythm of the sessions and a sufficient frequency makes it possible to link the elements of suffering in a lasting way.

The reduction of anxiety in a person in crisis, as well as the accompaniment of people suffering over longer periods of time, are treatments indicated for all personalities, for people victims of violence, post-traumatic shock or suffering from dementia. various addictions.

Life events, ruptures, health problems, feelings of failure, losses, tragedies are all suffering that can confuse us and prevent us from coming out on our own!

Benevolence in the therapeutic space, emotional warmth, and non-judgment will allow the therapeutic process to develop in a fruitful co-creation.

Adapted functioning is enhanced by understanding and working through often unconscious inner conflicts. Psychic reorganization leads to lasting relief of symptoms.

Individual Support

Individual Support

The aide relation is a respectful emotional support; it is a professional attitude of the clinician that will allow you to develop the tools for managing the difficulties of life in connection with your history and your current situations.
Individual Support.

It is a space for deepening your sufferings and the anxieties of your life, in all confidentiality at the heart of the human and your psychological needs.

If you become aware that you are psychologically suffering, a traumatic situation that affects your personality and well-being, or that of a loved one, consult by video conference to be accompanied in the process of voicing your lived experience and significant long-lasting.