Any therapeutic method for mental disorders, based on psychic processes, within the framework of the existing link between the patient and the psychotherapist, and which can be carried out individually or in groups. Advice to families and individuals: search for your own solution by involving everyone in this creation.

This through psychodynamic psychotherapy focused on speech and psychic conflicts, through intervention through games and drawings with children, in connection with the parental couple and the various family constellations. The psychotherapist by the function he operates transforms the emotions, anxieties, conflicts, in other words psychic pain. Structuring elements will be proposed to promote appeasement.

Meetings are usually approximately 40-50 minutes in length. However, first dates can sometimes be an exception. Communication between the patient and the therapist can be done by email or telephone, text messages are not recommended for the respect of confidentiality of procedures.

Other services can be provided over a longer period of time, such as family parental support meetings or assessment periods, for example.

The frequency of meetings is determined according to an agreement between the professional and his patient. The total duration of the interventions depends on many factors including the nature of the difficulties encountered, the objectives sought and the type of treatment offered. Assessment sessions are variable and also depend on various factors such as the patient's age and the nature of the professional service request.

At any time the patient can freely stop the process.

Exploratory interviews make it possible to specify the nature of the mandate, the patient's request as well as the modalities of the therapeutic framework to be put in place (psychotherapy, evaluation, family clinical support, expertise, etc.). This within the limit of clinical elements collected during the session.

Gestion de crises